The "ORIGINAL" vacuum marine head pump-out system in North America.


What a profit maker for a marina!
Considering a marine pump-out system?
Vacuum is your only alternative.
Don't settle for second best. Insist on

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Buy green
pump-outs save the environment and your grandchildren’s future
pump don’t dump

We'd like to introduce you to a fat little profit centre that
sits on the edge of your dock.

Since 1985 (27 years) and they're still working

Waste removal is considered an evil necessity at most marinas. But now with Head-Vac, North America's premium vacuum pump-out system,
you can take all the unpleasantness out of the job and develop a whole new dockside profit centre. 
Head-Vac does exactly what the name suggests. And it does it fast.
You simply insert a hose into the boat head, switch on Head-Vac's powerful electric motor, and whoosh, the contents of the head are drained swiftly into the unit's containment tank.
Reverse the switch, and the sewage goes into your holding tank. The whole operation takes about two minutes and pays as much as $30 each time.
Head-Vac is simple to operate and absolutely uncloggable during normal use. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel powered by a reliable electric motor, it will serve you for years without trouble.
If you've been considering a waste water pump-out system for your marina, there's only one vacuum to consider: 
Here's What They Say About Head-Vac
Thank you for selling us a model "80" Head-Vac. As you are aware we purchased it from you at the O.M.A. convention.
We did this after many years of hand pumping, with profitable results, and real concerns about the new investment.
We need not have worried! Head-Vac has proven itself as a no-fuss, no-problem money-maker. It has endeared itself to both our staff and boaters each time it's used.
We have it installed prominently on our gas dock and it is featured as part of marina services.
John Johnson, General Manager Booth's Harbour Developments Ltd.
The pumps that we have had in the past were frequently out of action by being clogged with assorted debris, mainly from rented boats.
It would take hours to disassemble and reassemble the machines, and sometimes waiting days for parts to fix them. Briefly,
The Head-Vac is economical to use. Fault free - a child could operate it.
Gives perfect results. A good source of income.
Paid for itself in one season.
Collin Fernall, President
Gordon Yacht Harbour
With our old-style pump-out system we lost revenue due to its slowness of operation. We often had to send customers elsewhere.
Now, with the Head-Vac we can have the average boat pumped out in less time than it took us to set up in the past.
Then the waste is transferred directly into our 3,000-gallon holding tank.
The Head-Vac is clean and enjoyable to operate. Its appearance actually draws customers to the marina.
A.W. Merkley
Andress Boat Works

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